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Fran Lebowitz
Special Event
Presented by Irvine Barclay Theatre
Monday, February 27, 2017

Purveyor of urban cool, witty chronicler of the ”me decade” and the cultural satirist whom many call the heir to Dorothy Parker, Fran Lebowitz remains one of the foremost advocates of the Extreme Statement.  She offers insights on timely issues such as gender, race, gay rights, and the media as well as her own pet peeves – including celebrity culture, tourists and strollers.

That is Fran Lebowitz off the cuff.   Her writing – pointed, taut and economical – is equally forthright, irascible, and unapologetically opinionated. Fran Lebowitz’s first two classic books of essays, Metropolitan Life and Social Studies, have been collected in the Fran Lebowitz Reader.  She is also the author of the children’s book, Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas.  A documentary film about Fran Lebowitz, Public Speaking, directed by Martin Scorsese, premiered on HBO in November 2010.

The Moderator for the evening is Rick Reiff.  Mr. Reiff is the Editor at Large of the Orange County Business Journal as well as Host and Producer at PBS SoCal-TV.  He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, four-time Golden Mike winner and three-time Emmy nominee.

Monday, February 27, 2017 @ 7:30 PM